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The Rant With Herman James & Friends

Feb 27, 2020

Herman talks about how he planned his wedding. Herman goes through how he found the right ring, his surprise proposal and how he planned an entire wedding for under $10,000.  He gives his tips on events and how to get the best price for the best things and not sacrifice quality. 

The vendors Herman Used:

Feb 12, 2020

Herman talks about his car that got broken into and ransacked.  He tells the story of what he had to go through to try and get his stuff back that was stolen, but couldn’t. How the thief was arrested and had rights to the stolen items that were in his car, even though they were known to be stolen because the laws are...

Feb 6, 2020

How to Create a Welcoming Workplace E.66

Herman talks about your choice of work environment and how that can affect your mentality. Herman goes into the physical environment that people work in, the coworkers that are dealt with daily, the specific job that has been chosen to work, compensation for said job and the boss...

Jan 29, 2020

Herman talks about how to increase your value to yourself, in the workforce and in life.  As well as how and when to take action with your employer in order to get a raise, a better or different position and how to become a more important part of the workforce for now and later. He also does a recap of his green screen...

Jan 22, 2020

Herman talks about how to green screen, why he is green screening, the programs to use for green screening, how to market with green screens and how he is learning with the audience on this skill. Herman also talks about how he has and will continue to try new things, even if it means he will fail at them initially.