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The Rant With Herman James & Friends

Sep 11, 2019

Herman and Betty Westbrook (@LymphPodcast) talk about Lymphedema; diagnosis, treatment and how to live with Lymphedema. They also talk about how and when to scan for Lymphedema, compression clothing, support and if there is a cure.

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Sep 4, 2019

Herman and NorCal Resist Volunteer, Josh Crow talk about immigration at the California/Mexico border, Trump taking children away from their parents, deportation, the horrible living quality asylum seekers are placed and forced into just to survive. Also, how Josh and NorCal Resist are making a difference with pro...

Aug 26, 2019

Herman talks about why he wanted the electric bike, how he built the bikes, his lack of bike knowledge and then gives his tips for anyone looking to build their own e-bike instead of paying full price for a pre-built bike by a manufacturer. Promo Code: HERMAN

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Aug 17, 2019

Herman talks about how to get free stuff from companies that you have already paid for services or products and they have not been able to deliver on the money paid.  Herman also talks about how to lower your bills and how to get to the right people to help you lower your bills. Promo Code: HERMAN


Aug 1, 2019

Herman & Bradley D, host of ABCD-Bagz (@TheRealABCDBagz) do random, unscripted Lightning Rants about random topics. From music, movies, dating and pop culture, nothing is off limits in the Lightning Rants.

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