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The Rant With Herman James & Friends

Jul 10, 2019

Herman & Alice Grey (@TheAliceGrey) talk about her career as a professional escort & how her entrepreneurial choice affects her life. They also talk about dick pics, sex stories, stigmas sex workers have and the reality of what it is like to be a professional escort in the US and in Australia.


Jul 3, 2019

Herman talks about how to hire the right employees, retain them, increase workplace morale and cut the cancer of the bad employees and poor work. He also discusses the importance of a good work to life ratio and how a good office environment starts at the top.

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Drinks from BON &...

Jun 26, 2019

Herman talks about his own introduction to electric bike building.  Herman tells about how he got the bike, the products the he has purchased to be used on the bike and how he was able to do it all on a small budget.  Herman also talked about how the government does not fix the roads or public transportation and how...

Jun 20, 2019

Herman talks about the difference of raising a pet and raising a child and how one is not easier than the other, just different.  Herman also talks about bad parenting and bad pet owners, as well as his disdain for cats.

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Podcast Marketing

Jun 5, 2019

Herman & Loop Doog (@LOOPDOGG2), Co-Host of Politics With Dummies (@WithDummies) talk about the lack of workplace loyalty among workers and employers, workplace politics, leaving your job and getting a new job.


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