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The Rant With Herman James & Friends

May 16, 2019

Herman talks about the people in our lives that don’t have the ability to talk with people like a normal human being.  They have to be coddled and held because the world is too scary to talk to them real and treat them like a normal personal.

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May 9, 2019

Herman & Russell talk about bad coworkers, bad work ethic, pay inequality, nepotism and how we all work with people that cannot be bothered to do the minimal of the job they volunteered for because they are too good for it and make everyone pick up their slack and then bitch about their work load.

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Apr 25, 2019

Herman & Jay (@JaySandlin_WHN) talk about comic books, graphic novels, movies, WWE and Herman’s lack of comic book education and knowledge.  They also play an improve alphabet game, talk about Jay’s history and The Avengers: Endgame.


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Apr 17, 2019

Herman & Bill talk about coworkers who use the bathroom way too often and the awkward situations that you come into on your way to the restroom and while you are in there.  Everything from eye contact at the urinal to moaning in the stalls and who pees on the seat more; men or women?

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Apr 9, 2019

Herman & David (@mensfamilylaw) talk about marriage, divorce, human rights, gay rights, co-parenting children and pets.  David also give his advice oh to have a happy life with no worries. Here’s a tip… it’s something that a bag of peas can help you with.